Moving Part of the Site

In April my contract for the hosting of the e-commerce wing of my site is going away. I was looking for a replacement, since WordPress doesn’t do e-commerce and settled on reactivating my Etsy site. 

Art of Rob Medley

I’ve included the link above for the Etsy store. Doing the math, it made more sense to pay them $1.20 per year plus three percent of the sale, verses an ISP that doesn’t include credit card or other payment processing options. You can use this information if you ever open your own store. 

I’ve also gone back to living wage prices. Every work is unique, there’s no residual income on it. My original prices seemed ridiculous to me at the time, but recently I paid a guy close to $200 for a book I wanted bound in the old style. Looking at the two, my prices weren’t that bad. 

Anyway, all offers anywhere in the universe prior to today are no longer valid. If you love something but can’t afford it, I’m no banker. Tell me what you can afford and we’ll make a deal. I’ll probably still keep the review for a discount thing. I’d rather see my work out in the wild.

I hate talking about money; which is why I’m not a businessman. Last thing, I’m still doing the Art for the Homeless project, but now with an equivalent percentage of the new price matching the old entire price ($99). I’ll end up doing more, I suppose. The rest of the money goes towards supplies and saving to open my studio. Once again the link is:

Anyway, art coming soon. Maybe this weekend. 

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