Fresh Meat

They had days to go in their 15-month tour of duty on planet K in the Sanh system, a twin sun, jungle-world. They were there, ostensibly helping the natives fight the Slugs, a derisive name for an invasive, space-faring species from beyond the rim. The populated worlds had been told the fight was winnable, but as the replacement troops touched down, those that had fought daily in the tropical hell mused that the new, if not pretty, camouflage paint jobs wouldn’t help them against a very determined enemy.

I’ve been working on this #artwork for a day or three. Lots of problems with lighting, noise, etc. I drew inspiration from the 10 hours of #Vietnam documentaries I watched over Memorial Day weekend. #history tends to repeat itself, because we don’t learn from our mistakes, so why not have a similar scenario play out on a #scifi #exoplanet in the #future ? #digitalart #render #painting #digital #war

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