Гадюка “The Viper”

A walking cliché, Gadioka Vespalova, born in East Germany, educated in #Soviet #Russia and one of the best #assassins used by the #KGB in the #spy dances of the 20-21st Centuries. She’s bold, beautiful, scarred, and terrifying to meet when she walks up to do a job. Many think she’s dead, after the blast in London, but the wise ones, those lucky to have escaped her venom, know better.

#new #digital #art I #created last night. P.S. She doesn’t exist, but I like to combine hobbies with learning to speak Russian 😉

The boring stuff, aka the ‘process’. Originally she was going to be a lonely figure on a crowded street, a bundle of sadness in a joyful world, but it morphed into this as I went along. Sue me.

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