Ascension – Working title, okay, the title, because I’m lazy. What’s it mean? It’s a representation of time, sin, and absolution. If one can visualize that all time streams, past (a burning of an innocent), present (an exotic dancer), and future (I haven’t related the mech, it just looks futuristic) exist in the same space simultaneously, this is my take on it. It’s really either an esoteric exercise or a shifting of my thoughts throughout the #creation process, as my moods influence me as the moon influences the tides. Originally, I wanted a create a silly scene, a witch on a stripper pole (I’m a dude, 🤷‍♂️). It then became like a quasi-religious thing against the evils perpetrated on innocents over the millennia. Then I lost the plot, but it looked cool. For some reason while I was working this I was listening to a couple Murakami songs on repeat, including современная жизнь (a lot), Честности нет, 364, & 0 Km – so there’s your process. #new #artwork in the #wtf school of #art

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