Flashback 1984

This is both fan art and a statement. It started as a momento of what I have always thought the perfect woman was, the Goth Girl, which goes back to high school. Hint, it was the Nerds who were totally interested in you, not that it mattered. There’s a girl, Desiree was her name, that I was infatuated with in high school, but was too afraid to talk to her. She disappeared after graduation. I have no idea weather she still walks the planet. so this is kind of a tribute to her.

It’s also a tribute to one of my favorite movies. Can you guess? Artax? Atreyu? The bog? Yup, it’s the Neverending Story, or Die Unendliche Geschichte, which is the book that is the origin of the movie. There may be some copyright stuff here but fanart should be covered by fair use.

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