Title                     Availability

Abstract I

8743    Available

Abstract II

Untitled    Sold

A Lake

8806-1    Available


Twilight.png    Available

A Storm at Sea

DSC_0189.JPG    Available

A Window

2182.JPG    Available

A Special Woman

Deirdre    Sold

Asleep in the Meadow

088.JPG    Available

Audrey Hepburn II

Audrey II.jpeg    Available

Audrey Hepburn III

12310545_419122638276673_4188050241481277544_n    Artist Hold

Moon Forest

img_1915    Available

Cats Eye

004-1    Sold

Majestic Condor

7650    Available

Dimensions of Life

043    Available

Girl Asleep

11214030_10152968442893224_6663922315677853418_n    Available

Girl in the Window

4910    Available

Nature Awakens

Nature Awakens.png    Available

Natures Bosom

dsc_0212    Available

Pour House

020    Available

Second Chance

img_5917    Available


img_5785    Sold

The Day After Paris

img_7049    Available

Snow Leopard

001   Available

The Addict

img_5972    Available

The Garden

033    Available

The Path

The Path Final    Available

The Storm

2204    Available

Unfinished (Shark Week)

img_5620    Indeterminate


img_6457    Available

Woman at a Table

gat1    Available

On the availability, if there is no hyperlink, it’s because I still need to list them on Etsy.  You can contact me if you are really interested in a piece. Thanks for you patience.

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