Girl Asleep


I’m a fan of Vermeer and Cezanne, so this was a fusion of the two.  Girl Asleep is based off a former love, but up-scaled by my imagination.  In the morning light of the day I started this, I noticed how peaceful everything around me felt, which usually isn’t the case.  I looked over, saw her form, as the light peeked through the curtains and said to myself “I must paint this.”   Note, there’s no ingenue complex going on with the title, the ‘girl’ is in her 30’s. I’ve just entitled too many things with ‘woman’ 🙂

Also, I rarely, if ever sketch out anything before I paint. Usually, the scene goes right from my mind to the canvas. This is why I don’t have a sketchbook.  In this particular case, I wanted to remember exactly how I saw it, so I grabbed a nearby scrap of paper and quickly sketched what I saw.



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