Title                       Availability

A Bird

249  Available

Abstract Tree

001  Available

Alien Flower

Alien Flower  Available

Alone in the Woods

052  Artist Hold

An Evening Walk

027  Available

Artistic Triage

DSC_0006-1  Available

Audrey IV (Work in progress)

013  Available


berries-1  Sold

Bullet-Proof Vest

BPV2 Sold

Castle S

use-me  Available

Castle’s Fall

DSC_0312  Available

Chaos Forest

Small2  Available


Complete  Sold

Electric Lillies

DSC_0256  Available

Earth Mother

dsc_0375_1  Sold


DSC_0230  Available

First Contact

DSC_0013-1  Available

Flanders Fields Forever

DSC_0263  Sold

Gathering of Souls

20d96c0b-ab22-4dfd-826e-14d24f10d737 Sold

Harvest Knights

dsc_0307-1 Sold


dsc_0274  Available

Lost Souls

img_4555 Sold

Moon Forest

img_1915  Available

Nature’s Bikini

246  Available


006  Available

Portrait of a Chicken: Still Life of Captivity

img_4649  Available

Queen of the North

dsc_0334  Sold

Rain Forest

rainforest 3  Available

Return of the Queen

img_4497  Available

Rites of Spring

DSC_03002  Sold

Spring Awakening

104  Available

Staring at the Ceiling

031  Available

Test of Faith

useme_tof  Available

The Forest

dsc_0360  Sold

The Giraffe with a Pearl Earring

13631653_496570637198539_6620691956370334673_n  Sold

The Murder

use_small  Sold

The Ship

dsc_0253  Available


U2  Available

Woman in Rain

DSC_0007  Available



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