The World is too beautiful not to paint.

Nothing pithy or interesting about me, so I’ll just let the art speak for me. If you twist my arm, I’m not a professional artist. I started in 2014 with spray-paint on drywall, as I was inspired by graffiti. Next, I drifted towards acrylic on canvas. I’ve done experimental sculpture art too, and now I’m primarily a digital artist. Who knows what the future holds?

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  • New Art

    Medley’s Model, an H.P. Lovecraft inspired piece of art, along with a lot of other new content I’ve not posted here is on my Patreon Page. The below image is a ‘work in progress photo’. The end result is much cooler.

  • Almost

    Clamoring through the woods, terrified, the turkey hunter spies lights in the distance – safety! Her weapons and phone long gone, ripped from her as the tree branches tore at her clothing in headlong flight. Little did she think going into the woods that Thanksgiving morning, that the birds would have hired muscle to protect them after linking the last Thursday in November to a human ritual involving the disappearance of many of their kind. As she comes to the edge of the forest, mere meters from the busy highway, a cold claw clamps on her wrist and pulls her back into the night, her scream mingling with the airbrakes of a passing semi…

    This was a doodle I put together last night, the latest of probably 4 or 5 others I’ve created since moving to Patreon (link). I’m not sure if I like putting my art beyond a paywall, but one has to make a living, right? Anyway, since it’s turkey day / Thanksgiving, I’m throwing fiscal responsibility to the wind and posting one here, accessible to the masses, not just those elites earning $3 dollars a month in disposable income. Happy holiday, if you celebrate it. Happy Thursday if you don’t; but happiness is the main point.

  • Death on Demeter

    The Demeter was a very unlucky ship. Decades before it would become famous as the transport of a more famous vampire, it was found adrift in the Black Sea, it’s crew ripped asunder by some inhumanly strong being. Records recovered in the port of Varna showed that the ship onboarded several crates of antique furniture and a giant portrait of a noblewoman, supposedly that of Justina Szilágyi de Horogszeg, second wife of Vlad al III-lea Țepeș, aka Vlad the Impaler, son of Vlad II Dracul. The collection was destined for Montenegro, a vibrant coastal town on the Adriatic. Traveling with the collection was a young woman of questionable nobility, and some wealth, who was presented as the custodian of the shipment. Her fate is ultimately unknown, as she was not found among the bodies of the crew on the smoldering vessel. The ship was subsequently towed back to Varna for refit, but soon found itself bridled with an unwanted nickname, Justina’s Larder, for in the run-down waterfront shops and taverns, a rumor persisted that the missing traveler bore an uncanny resemblance to the 400 year-old portrait of the long dead queen.

  • Moonfall

    What happens if the moon falls out of the sky? The faeries of this world know. It started as a project to see if I could smooth out the shape of a circle, which I did. I mapped an image of the moon to it, then made it reflective, which made it cooler. I was then, like, “what now?”, so I added fey and some other elements. It was mainly for practice, there are some things I don’t like about it (the expression is one thing, I couldn’t get that sense of wonder, excitement, fear, and happiness at something falling from the sky). I finished this last night but have been too busy to upload it until now.

  • New Plan – Run

    Silene had known this wasn’t going to be easy. Their kingdom had been plagued by a fire-spewing dragon dwelling in a nearby cave / pond, poisoning the countryside. To prevent it from affecting the city itself, the people offered it two sheep daily, then a man and a sheep, and finally their children and youths, chosen by lottery. One time the lot fell on the king’s daughter – Silene herself. The king offered all his gold and silver to have his daughter spared, but she refused to give in to the terror, and she had altruistic plans for that gold… okay, maybe there also was a new Arabian steed for herself in there somewhere. Willingly, Silene went out to the lake, dressed as a bride, to be fed to the dragon. But there was a surprise under that dress, a fully armored and operational battle warrior, for she had been training with the Empire across the sea. As the wyrm drew near, the people of the kingdom scattered. Silene tore off her dress, revealing the bronzed body underneath. “Now, is your final moment, Dragon!,” she screamed defiantly, drawing her sword. Looking behind him, the Dragon, Aureus, called to unknown persons “Hey townspeople and sheep, she doesn’t want to come to the party…. hold on, what? Okay.” Turning back to Silene, the wyvern spoke, “Listen, I’ve been drinking hard today, because you townies know how to party, but it aggravates my terrible heartburn, and the Slippery Elm I’ve asked your people to harvest – paying a living wage mind you is…. uh, oh no, here comes another attack. New plan, you should runnnnnn!”

Would you like to own a copy of one of these digital works? I’ve been slowly listing them as Non Fungible Tokens (NFT) on Open Sea. Basically, you get a copy (usually 1 of 10) digitally signed by me. The link to Open sea is here:

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