The Boring Stuff

"I'm not strange, weird, off, nor crazy, my reality is just different than yours."
The Cheshire Cat

Here is a useless in between page that highlights my cosplay and provides a simple security message for safe web-brosing.

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Exciting pitch, right? Remember to always hover over the lower left corner of your browser to see the link you are about to click on, as the text is often different than where you think you are going. You have no issues here, but the Web is a dangerous place. Until art supports my mouths to feed and Cosplay, guess what I do? That’s right, Cybersecurity. It’s not sexy, and it’s mostly paperwork, but it pays the bills.

About Me

My Music

(Please ensure wills and other documentation are updated prior to listening to my music. Thank you).

Time has lost who took this photo of me, but they are super talented. I have an idea, though.
Anubis Cosplay at Maryland Renaissance Festival

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