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In the last decade, I had a short stint as a composer. I’ve always held the likes of Hans Zimmer, John Murphy and the like in high regard as I’ve likewise felt that music makes or breaks a movie – whether we know it or not. In 2006-7, I started working on my own compositions, utilizing the Magix Music Maker for the grunt work. I quickly realized the limitations of the platform but didn’t have the resources to go to truly professional music creation software. The licensees / Terms of Service also changed on me after the fourth ‘album’ (more like groupings of songs). These things combined with the lack of a classically trained singer to go where I wanted to take my music, caused it to slide into the shadows.

So what do I call it? I like the term ‘Atmospheric Meditation’ music, or AM.

Each of the below albums is hosted on YouTube, and will open in a new tab for your convenience. Personally, I would listen to the last stuff I did first and not make any judgements on the first song you hear – there’s some tracks I hate, some I like, but it’s like mining for diamonds:

Atmosphere Cover


Eusebeia copy


Spectrum (2)


Slide4 (2)-1

Into the Night

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