Older Art Page – Spray Paint

I don’t have any high-level insights beyond that I liked spray-painting. It was me, my garage, loud music, a mask, gloves and almost no clothes for hours at a time. I loved it, neighbors hated it. I started with the sky, probably because the sky is the canvas and the Sun the brush. I would look up in awe when driving the Inter-county Connector in Maryland and wonder at the sunrises and sunsets. I suppose that is one of the catalysts that drives my creative process – and at the time a lot of anger towards an ex-wife – relationships.

087 086 084 082 081 079 078

My love of the sky morphed into a love of landscapes, fueled by admiration of the best painter ever! David Caspar Friedrich. (Crickets). And so I started doing trees and such.

082 090 088077 089

I did eventually start cheating – you try doing detail work with a stock can – and started using brushes, particularly when I got into painting women, whom, after Nature, are hands down the best thing to look at.

085 021 063 093 092 091

Here’s a view of the studio, when I was doing my first girl in the garage:


Once the weather turned and I could no longer effectively work without a shirt, I packed up the garage and went inside to do Acrylics.

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