The World is too beautiful not to paint.

Nothing pithy or interesting about me, so I’ll just let the art speak for me. If you twist my arm, I’m not a professional artist. I started in 2014 with spray-paint on drywall, as I was inspired by graffiti. Next, I drifted towards acrylic on canvas. I’ve done experimental sculpture art too, and now I’m primarily a digital artist. Who knows what the future holds?

Latest Posts are below, more in the footer. The menu doesn’t have my latest work so it’s better to just go by the posts.

  • Reflections on death and Stuff

    It’s a doodle. I just wanted to play around. I’m not sure if it means anything. If I had to stretch and be artsy, how about “The magic that exists at the moment of death? Where all possibilities culminate in a grand new chapter of adventure? Or a simple meal for the bacteria in the ground?”

  • Ophelia

    I’ve not been doing much art lately, mostly due to artists block, but here’s a doodle I worked on over the last two weeks or so. I chose the title ‘Ophelia’ partially based on Zella Day’s “Sweet Ophelia” which inspired the initial concept, but also Bill’s existential masterpiece ‘Hamlet.’ The image has current social issues in there, but I’m not going to be wordy – if the art doesn’t communicate it, then it’s probably unsuccessful.

  • Sweet

    It’s about spring, bees and their interaction with glasses that contain sweet drinks. It’s a baby step back into production after having a mind block for a month.

  • Hero of Ukraine

    Today’s doodle has no people in it, but no less is it the unsung hero of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. That’s right, the humble tractor. In no other war has a civilian vehicle contributed so much to the arming Ukrainian forces. Here’s to you, tractor, long may your engines run.

  • “Welcome to Hell”

    Ukraine angst has been foremost in my mind of late, so I did more art relating to the war. This is a grade-schooler in any town – Ukraine as the Russians switch tactics from decapitation to the senseless slaughter of civilians. The war needs to stop. #stoprussia

Would you like to own a copy of one of these digital works? I’ve been slowly listing them as Non Fungible Tokens (NFT) on Open Sea. Basically, you get a copy (usually 1 of 10) digitally signed by me. I’m not in it for the money, of course, so if you can’t afford a copy, you can always download it here, it just won’t be digitally signed. I do ask that if you can, please share my work to as wide an audience as possible. I value that more than money. I don’t plan on making a ton of money, just enough to maybe not have my day job support my art. The link to Open sea is here:

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