The World is too beautiful not to paint.

Nothing pithy or interesting about me, so I’ll just let the art speak for me. If you twist my arm, I’m not a professional artist. I started in 2014 with spray-paint on drywall, as I was inspired by graffiti. Next, I drifted towards acrylic on canvas. I’ve done experimental sculpture art too, and now I’m primarily a digital artist. Who knows what the future holds?

Latest Posts are below, more in the footer. The menu doesn’t have my latest work so it’s better to just go by the posts.

  • Against the Giants

    Finished up this one today. In some fantasy world, maybe ours when creativity was more cherished, a warrior battles the giant invasion. Will she survive?

  • Portrait of an Actress

    So this was my first attempt at a real world person. I chose Eva Green because, well, Eva Green. I don’t think I hit it 100% but you can tell me if I got close.

  • The Shipwreck

    So after the drunkstorm of yesterday, I figured I’d plant today’s flag on a rocky beach somewhere, where the sole survivor of some gale-battered ship is discovered washed ashore by a passing good Samaritan. Artistically, it’s about light, the subtle colors extant in every vignette permeating our lives.

  • Through Glass

    Inspired by the song of the same title by Stone Sour, which may have inspired me before thinks critically, but can’t remember, so I’m going with it. Specifically, the lyrics:

    I’m looking at you through the glass
    Don’t know how much time has passed
    Oh God, it feels like forever
    But no one ever tells you that forever feels like home
    Sitting all alone inside your head

    I’m not sure what the group had in mind for the song, but let’s explore what it means to me as the artist, shall we. To me, this is a self-portrait of sorts. It’s about depression, irrelevancy, alcohol as a coping mechanism, and the overused Thoreau quote: “Most men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the song still in them.” Sure, my subject is female, but it transcends male and female issues, piercing like a Misericorde to the very heart of the human condition.

    I know you ladies can tell something is wrong, because the bra is the first thing you take off when you get home, so that was a purposeful choice. She’s surrounded by the trappings of success, but at heart it’s all meaningless, a vague nod to the commercialism we are expected to embrace in a post-dystopian American society.

    Anyway, that’s all I’ve got for today. I’ve planted a flag saying “I was here.” Don’t be concerned, I’m an artist. I channel this stuff. I have people to support so I’m not going anywhere.

    Did you know there’s a new number to call if you are feeling that way? It’s 988. Outside the States? You may be out of luck, sorry.

  • Crossroads

    I’ll let this doodle speak for itself. It may be a repetition of an earlier theme. I did a painting on this subject back in 2015. It’s definitely original art, though.

Would you like to own a copy of one of these digital works? I’ve been slowly listing them as Non Fungible Tokens (NFT) on Open Sea. Basically, you get a copy (usually 1 of 10) digitally signed by me. I’m not in it for the money, of course, so if you can’t afford a copy, you can always download it here, it just won’t be digitally signed. I do ask that if you can, please share my work to as wide an audience as possible. I value that more than money. I don’t plan on making a ton of money, just enough to maybe not have my day job support my art. The link to Open sea is here:

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