Test of Faith

A cold winter evening, somewhere in the city.  On the roof of a nondescript tenement, a life is about to end… or is it about to begin?

Every artist does a religious painting at some point (at least the ones I follow), so here is my contribution to that lexicon of beauty.


Castle S

I’ve completed another painting. I’m experimenting with fog / mist. It’s a process. I didn’t do so well on this one; hence ‘Castle S’. I’m going to call it a practice piece for the next work,  in which this will be the background for the action in that scene. This is 16 x 20, acrylic and spray paint on canvas. If you’re interested, I’ll let it go for $100.


Queen of the North

Sometimes you take risks. Sometimes it works out. Sometimes it does not. This is one of those ‘do not’ times. Yet it is mine, and I claim all of my failures.

The scene: The King has died. On a cold, snowy morning, the Queen readies herself to go to Valhalla with the love of her life. The people mournfully prepare their regent for her departure in the depths of the early morning fog.

Acrylic on canvas. 18 x 24. 2016.


Gathering of Souls

‘Gathering of Souls’: People once believed that when someone dies in battle, a raven flies at dusk to carry their soul to the land of the dead.

This is a rescue painting. Originally it was going to be a geometric design based on the Old Futhark rune for prosperity, which looks like an angular version of those ‘support x’ magnets you see on the back of cars. It would have been entitled “The Tree of Othala”, which is the name of the rune.

Unfortunately, I’m not Cezanne and kind of messed up; so I went in another direction.
I can do better but I wanted to show that not everything we do as artists is that great. Still, I’m curious as to thoughts on it?

Castle’s Fall

Nestled in the hills overlooking the sleepy valley, the Sandmen of Castle Dream-guard keep watch on the distance.  For in the far-off mists the armies of the nightmare realm gather for their nefarious purposes.

The castle is modeled on my favorite, Lichtenstein Castle.

Spray Paint and Acrylic on Canvas, 18 x 24.  Unframed. Available for purchase here.


Harvest Knights

“Harvest Knights” Acrylic and Spray Paint on Canvas, 18 x 24. Deep in the night, under the blood moon a pair of knights rush along a deserted road, past ruins of long forgotten folk towards an urgent engagement. At least that’s the idea. The skills never match the concept.



$100 Dollar Giveaway

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On my birthday, in the month of the Scorpion, I will select one person randomly (I have a random number generator) to receive the code for $100 off any work on my site. Unfortunately, I will have to send that person two emails in the month – mea culpa.

I hope you take advantage of this. It’s going to be a good time all around. Share with your friends and your enemies – everyone loves art.

Rites of Spring

Deep in the night as the vernal equinox reaches its apex; while the moon blankets the land in cold light; the sleeping children of Nature stir.  The trees begin the dance of awakening, twisting and undulating in reverent celebration.  Their movement coaxes the Earth Mother to coalescence; like the creation of a galaxy, swirling, spinning, concentrating the forces of life against those of decay. The first buds begin to bloom, a supernova of light their birth cry – Spring has arrived.

That was the thought.  I’m fascinated with the pagan past of humanity, wrapped in rich mysticism which is completely the opposite of the modern fascination with the cold facts of science.  This interest is reflected in this painting.

P.S. There are no people in the painting.

The painting itself is a mix of spray paint and acrylic brushwork.  It is flawed, at least I see the big flaw, but until I figure out how to fix it without destroying the composition, I guess its finished.  The dimensions are 18 x 24. It’s for sale at $200 plus shipping (should be about $20, I’ll pick up anything above that).


Experimental Conclusion

The experiment is over. I have to charge again for the art. Not exorbitant amounts or anything, but enough to cover supplies / shipping and a little something for the effort.

Those happy few that took advantage of the experiment, thanks! I still think as an aesthetic investment they will be worth something to your children’s children. There’s a masterpiece coming at some point and, like all the greats (for reference only – totally not putting myself in their category), the crap art will become as valuable as the Mona Lisa’s and Starry Nights.