Catastrophic Sunrise

Never try to pose with your cat for the sunrise, they told her. They’re mischievous and will not sit still. She didn’t listen and the prophecy came to pass.

Not my best work, but I needed something to balance out the sunrise in her eyes and since I did a girl and her dog yesterday, this seemed apropos.


It’s Been a Minute

I just looked at my site and saw my last article was published in April of 2018, almost a year ago. For those that held on, thank you!

Where did I go? The short answer is ‘nowhere’; which is both true and ironic. I’ve been working a lot. Since being mortal is part of the human condition, I had to eat, pay rent, etc., and as we all know, art doesn’t a living make, unless you know people, have rich parents, or are talented enough to rise above the noise of the global art market – a billion artists souls vying for your eyeball time.

I haven’t been painting on canvas, per se. Like her musical sister in 2013, that Muse packed her bags and left me for brighter pigments. I’ve had a canvas on by easel since April, but all I’ve managed to do is hit it now and then with a duster and compressed air.

I have been exploring the other arts, like digital illustration, writing, and painting miniatures (which I did as a teenager). I’ve also been taking the aforesaid miniatures and composing photographic scenes, which is fun in itself.

Here’s some of the work I’ve been doing. I usually post to Instagram first, but since I’m paying for this site, I might as well use it, eh?

So, have I been productive? That depends on what one considers art. I’ll leave that for you to decide. Some day, canvas muse may come back, or rekindle as the musical muse did briefly, but I’ll always be doing something creative.

Woman on a Pedestal

I was going to try my hand at making music again today. You didn’t know I composed music? Trust me, the gods don’t want you to know. if you’re a glutton for punishment, there’s four albums worth buried somewhere on my website. But I digress! I was going for a spin on ye old FL studio and was, like, “today I feel like a better artist,” so, here you go. It’s a Sorceress, Druid, or Witch Queen harnessing the elements atop the crumbling ruins of a lost civilization. Seems fitting for our times, or at the minimum to satisfy my ennui. How’d she get atop a column so high? Magic, women’s intuition, or artistic license. I just put her there, she’s on her own getting down.

The Secret Lives of Monsters

#ogres, #goblins, #orcs, oh my. They’re all thought to solely exist for the purpose of the hero to come through and butcher them all in the name of some higher good, but they’re more than fodder and dungeon masters should design these other than combat activities into their role-playing games. Whatevs, I figured it would be a better statement than ‘Ogre communing with Nature’.

The Watchers

In a post-dystopian cyberpunk future world, a denizen navigates the deserted streets. She feels eyes on her, but is it the CCTV or some other threat? I don’t have more, I just wanted to do a Blade Runner-esque photo shoot. The rendering of these four digital art / images took a few days to come together.


This #digitalart started as a #doodle but because I watch so many saddening #crime shows, it became about #domesticviolenceawareness For the victim, listen, don’t judge, and offer meaningful help. And for gods sake, if you see something say something, like, to 911. #EndViolence

Amar Nada Mas

Tonight’s doodle, entitled for the song I listened to on repeat most of the time (J.Lo’s, “Bailar Nada Mas”). This artwork has the apex human relaxing at dusk, boots on the ground, kilt at the ready, and a come hither look thrown at the camera. I spent most of the composition time on the light, because light is everything. Like her? She may have an only fans site, paid for in NFTs, lol (I’m kidding).

Nature Finds a Way

She’ll survive us all. She’s the strongest woman we know, she’s nature. Climate change? She’s survived it. High CO2? Easy. Humans, not so much. But she just may have mercy on us when we’ve wiped ourselves off the face of the planet. Here? A post-human photoshoot. We took her trees, her resources, her valuables, but she will always be the victor. Nature always finds a way.

The Original Composition.
Found this angle while checking hand contact on skin.
And this one by checking hand position on the skull.
Because we’re abusive shits as a species, but she misses us. Nature finds a way.

Nature – Victim

So I throw all these words out to explain my #art but really, it comes down to mood as the #artwork progresses. This was first focused on #hair – I am not apologetic for objectifying luscious locks – then it moved into the #goth #vampire realm ( #notsorry ) and then setting back into #nature (which I love) – I’ll let you figure out how vampires are #victims and apply that to the damage humans are doing to our madre de #nature. I really shouldn’t even bother with trying to explain it, but for my three fans I will sacrifice :). I mean, it’s not like an influencer like Waagen is going to come along in 250 years and hawk my stuff to wealthy Parisians, while calling it emblematic of the American Golden Age to make a buck. But I digress. Hope you enjoy it.

What’s In the Book?!

I don’t have a title, so I’m channeling Brad Pitt in the movie ‘Seven’. So here we have a scene that wasn’t supposed to be. Originally, I was going to mix it with other artsy stuff, like filters, Chiaroscuro shading, consummate V’s *paragraph fades to Charlie Brown teacher-like droning*…

… And then I thought it pretty much stood on its own. So here is yet another non-blonde. Sorry, to those into Ingénues. She’s in the forest on a warm autumn day, her goth complimented by nature. A breeze moves her hair as she keeps the pages of her book pinned from the eagerness of the wind.

Goth in the Forest

But what’s in the book, our camera asks, zooming in on the subject. It may have visited the Psilocybin farm earlier in the shoot….

What’s in the Book?

Moving so as to not disturb our apex predator in her natural habitat, the camera peeks over her shoulder et voila!

Curiosity redeemed.

Eye of the Tigress

They say #art should be centered on the #era in which the #artist lives, on activities that occurred in the present, so here you go. She’s a huntress, an exotic creature in an exotic, if dingy, land. She navigates the patriarchy with the ease of an apex predator, bending wills, rending hearts, a dancer in a smoky room, the smell of wine and Axe, for a smile they cannot share the night due to that big bouncer Bob in the corner – thanks Bob, no hands policies make you a knight in shining… err, Hanes t-shirt -It goes on and on, and on, and on. #new #digitalart