I’ve not been doing much art lately, mostly due to artists block, but here’s a doodle I worked on over the last two weeks or so. I chose the title ‘Ophelia’ partially based on Zella Day’s “Sweet Ophelia” which inspired the initial concept, but also Bill’s existential masterpiece ‘Hamlet.’ The image has current social issues in there, but I’m not going to be wordy – if the art doesn’t communicate it, then it’s probably unsuccessful.


Catastrophic Sunrise

Never try to pose with your cat for the sunrise, they told her. They’re mischievous and will not sit still. She didn’t listen and the prophecy came to pass.

Not my best work, but I needed something to balance out the sunrise in her eyes and since I did a girl and her dog yesterday, this seemed apropos.


It’s Been a Minute

I just looked at my site and saw my last article was published in April of 2018, almost a year ago. For those that held on, thank you!

Where did I go? The short answer is ‘nowhere’; which is both true and ironic. I’ve been working a lot. Since being mortal is part of the human condition, I had to eat, pay rent, etc., and as we all know, art doesn’t a living make, unless you know people, have rich parents, or are talented enough to rise above the noise of the global art market – a billion artists souls vying for your eyeball time.

I haven’t been painting on canvas, per se. Like her musical sister in 2013, that Muse packed her bags and left me for brighter pigments. I’ve had a canvas on by easel since April, but all I’ve managed to do is hit it now and then with a duster and compressed air.

I have been exploring the other arts, like digital illustration, writing, and painting miniatures (which I did as a teenager). I’ve also been taking the aforesaid miniatures and composing photographic scenes, which is fun in itself.

Here’s some of the work I’ve been doing. I usually post to Instagram first, but since I’m paying for this site, I might as well use it, eh?

So, have I been productive? That depends on what one considers art. I’ll leave that for you to decide. Some day, canvas muse may come back, or rekindle as the musical muse did briefly, but I’ll always be doing something creative.

Marie Vodou

She is back, rejected from Ginen, the abode of spirits, and seeking the return of her Govi, which, in Vodou, is a a ceremonial object used in the ritual reclaiming of the immortal aspect of a human spirit (gwobonanj) after death. She has been wronged, neglected by the living, for it is one year and two days since her death. She now walks the earth, a zombi, seeking her lost Govi… and answers from her living relatives.


I don’t have a title, so how about an action? Here is a doodle, in one, she has not yet turned on her telekinetic abilities. while in the second? Well, you get it. Although this narrative seems to be in reference to the movie, it has nothing to do with them or the books, or anything else. I doodled and at one point liked the flameless one when I had to turn it off to get to the underlying person.

09:23 – The Rise of Social Media

It was inspired initially by the photo of the first victim of #Vecna in #strangerthings, but then expanded to take on #social #media. I hate explaining this stuff. I hope it resonates on it’s own, because it’s pretentious otherwise. There’s no process, just dumping my brain into 1’s and 0’s.

Reflections on death and Stuff

It’s a doodle. I just wanted to play around. I’m not sure if it means anything. If I had to stretch and be artsy, how about “The magic that exists at the moment of death? Where all possibilities culminate in a grand new chapter of adventure? Or a simple meal for the bacteria in the ground?”