The Xenomorph

The #xenomorph – or maybe she’s the byproduct of terraforming, her #skin having taken a #blue tinge by the atmosphere here, and her hair obliterated by radiation from the nearby gas giant, or maybe by the #artist in the pursuit of a persistent black spot that marred her forehead. Still, she’s #beautiful in the dying light, as she excitedly leads you to the high ground of her #alien #planet to take in the view. She is me (but much hotter), in a sense, a purveyor of #worlds to you, the viewer. Are you interested? Do you want to see more of these things she sees? Or is it merely a pit-stop in bored scrolling between cat memes and ads for trivial conveniences? Take her hand, let me know if you want to see more (through a comment or a like). You are her xenomorph, and mine. #artwork #digitalpainting #illustration – a small signal in the #digital noise of a billion artists.

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