Olympic Arting

I’m thinking I may have to dial-back on my #art – I’ve been obsessing over metrics / exposure / blah blah. I’m thinking maybe putting out one a day makes people think it’s easy to go from concept (random thought in my head) to reality, which, in my mind, is suppressing engagement metrics (e.g. likes/shares). It’s not a healthy way to be arting.

In reality each one takes an average of 5 hours without the 3-4 hours of rendering time (old rig, only 4 cores). Add 2-3 more hours if the lighting is wonky or the painting is too dark – that’s the hardest part.

I started #creating one a day because I like to do it, and I figured that our hours on this mortal coil are limited, so why play games, or watch TV, when the time can be better spent? Anyway, yeah. Being a content provider is hard, so when I do miss a day, I’d like to thank those that understand in advance and thanks for being awesome.

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