January; A Light Study

Okay, I’m leaving this one like it is and starting another. I like the forlorn nature of the #painting. A cold January evening, as the last rays of the light ephemerally touch the clouds, the tree embraces the cold brilliance of the street lamp in hopes of seeing the Sun again. I was going toContinue reading “January; A Light Study”

Alien Flower

An abstract vision of what an alien flower would look like.  This is an acrylic on canvas painting.  I used air-duster cans, some brush and gravity/splatter techniques in the composition of the artwork.  18 x 24, 2016. The view from straight on. A side-view, which shows the textures used in the piece.  

Mixing the works of Vermeer, Friedrich, Cezanne, Munch and the Renaissance

I’ve been busy lately, but criminally have not updated my page. Here is the latest from me. The only one that I’ve named is entitled “The Storm”. I used the techniques of Vermeer, Erbst, Cezanne and my own to create the scene of a woman surprised by some ominous weather. The woman at the windowContinue reading “Mixing the works of Vermeer, Friedrich, Cezanne, Munch and the Renaissance”