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They say if you notice the time go by, you’re not having fun. Where did 2019 go?

I’ve been creative this year. My Muse has moved back in over the last few weeks, as evidenced by the photo above. I need to update my website, but here are the individual projects of the year (Since February).

I’m going to get into publishing of my digital art, with drop-shipping, so if you see an image you like, let me know, we can work out size, paper, etc. The printing/shipping would be at cost, plus a small fee for the creation of the art. Contact me for more information.

I was watching the series “Dead Like Me” and was inspired to recreate a similar scene to the main actress (Ellen Muth) staring through a glass. It was also a chance to test the capabilities of my medium.

This is the full scene. I call it “Looking Glass”.

I had joined a gothic art forum and created this as a celebration of it. I call it “Sad Girl”.

The Goddess. I created this for my D&D world. Basically it’s death reborn.

This is a series I call “Meeting with the Boss”. In gaming, it represents the culmination of the adventure; when the hero has the skills and confidence to win.

The Mage. She not only beautiful, but powerful.

Lost in the Woods.

In Dungeons and Dragons, players take their turns based on how well they roll on a 20-sided die. In this case, the monster goes before the spell-caster. She didn’t notice the one in the tree until now.

A girl and her Wolf.

Malice Aurelius – one of my D&D Characters.

The wave.

A floral scene, abstract, of course.

Chinese Dragon in abstract acrylic (as are the ones above).

The beginning of my Muse coming back. I call it “Murder at Sunrise.”

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