Survival of the Spirit

I watch a lot of #crime shows. They’re depressing and almost always end badly. After one which was particularly horrible, I wanted to change it up and capture the #triumph of the #human #spirit and the post-captivity coming to grips with ones situation.

It’s about #survival, an intimate look into overcoming #trauma #ptsd (I really wanted to see if I could capture the expression right) .

I also didn’t want to add another smiling model #digital #painting to the Internet #art world.

This could be powerful, it could spur contemplation, or it could be ‘meh’; the only way to see is to put it out and see what people think.

Ps #lighting was super hard, this was a happy accident to capture her face. #artwork #illustration #render #life

I also promise my next post will be happy. This took a lot out of me.

Detail of the expression:

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