Where My Girls At

Where My Girls At – Derived from the 2009 702 song of the same name that I was listening to while searching for ideas to #create today, I landed in the #dark #arts with this #light study. Most of my #artwork shows up better on a monitor than a phone, so, what’s going on in the scene? Well, it’s about a long #night of #drama with #zombies and that moment before all the action starts. She’s just thrown the grenade and has brought a knife to the fight. In a sense it’s about desperation, because she knows she’s probably screwed, but isn’t letting it get to her. I probably drew some from the #covid #virus going round, as well as the associated #angst and that’s why it’s dark. I’m mildly disappointed that with all the drama, we didn’t at least get #undead to shoot. …But what’s is really about, Rob? Uhh, light. If you know me, you know I love how light interacts with everything, especially #women – it’s the only true magic in the universe. #artist #new #portrait #digitalart #digitalpainting

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