Live Forever

Live Forever – “All the gods, they cannot sever us. If I were dead, and you still fighting for life, I’d come back from the darkness; back from the pit of Hell to fight at your side.” ~ Valeria. This #artwork is based on the movie #conan the #barbarian – it’s fan #art as the movie is easily in my top 10 eva. EVA. It’s influenced my views on love (still looking for my #Valeria – though I did find Thulsa Doom 😉 but that’s not the point. I actually spun this off a social media comment this morning for a friend who is possibly battling #coronavirus – I said, “you are Conan, the virus is Rexor, and Valeria is your attitude.” I also put the soundtrack (plus Conan the Destroyer – Riders of Taramis) on repeat while creating it, possibly really annoying my neighbors 🙂 Note, it’s not the best art, and not 100%, nor 50%, realistically portraying the movie, but like all things, art & inspiration is about showing up and putting in the time. #digitalart #digitalpainting #new #fantasy #love #life

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