The Sword of Ashtoreth

“The Sword of Ashtoreth” – created as some #dnd #folklore for my world, #ashtoreth is the old Hebrew word for #astoreth who is one of the male lords of hell, who interestingly enough is traced back to #astarte of Phonecia, #ishtar of Babylon and #inanna of the Sumerian religions, respectively, all of whom are women and far older than Christianity. Nothing like demonizing ones past, eh? Anywho, I turned that irony into this yawn-art, which took the morning to render. I started before work and it finished up in time for lunch, just like a crock pot. Enjoy! #artist #digitalart #digitalartist #new #art #fantasyart #coven #conjure #summoning #sword

Ps, I started this art focused on her, but it spiraled from there.

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