“what makes you happy?” I asked myself in the depths of the night, unable to sleep – as usual. The answer wasn’t wealth, a hobby, a place, sex, or any of the usual answers. It was an existential question, driving towards the answer of why we are all here. Often, I feel completely alone, detached, even in crowds. So, my answer was naturally ‘the #touch of another human’. It’s something we often do without in our day-to-day lives, yet it’s the thing that lets us know we are not #alone – that we actually exist. So, when am I the happiest? Those rare precious moments with another, where two souls are in full touch. I’m not talking sex, this post (and the art) isn’t about that. It’s feeling the #warmth of another’s body, their heartbeat, loud in the quiet of the moment, the light reflecting off their hair and skin, their breathing (or sleep apnea), knowing they are wholly with you, and that you are not alone, and are wanted. Too soon these moments end, and the #numbness of our existence reasserts itself. I told myself I should express that visually, so here it is, what makes me happy. It won’t earn any #art awards, but it’s probably the most personal #digital #artwork I’ve created.

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