Out of the Woods

Drunk art for a Saturday as I’m no-lifting the plague of 2020/1. Sorry it’s two in one day. Some days I’m prolific – I don’t game, or couch it, so there’s time to burn. Besides, the more I pollute the net with my artwork, the greater chance to Vermeer-it in 2206 (plus one for each year after this). Someone is gonna find my artwork on a hard drive in a landfill in post-nuclear North America and say, as she’s listening to the Breakup Song by Greg Kihn (archeologists are retro-folks), “They don’t art like that anymore, lol.” Focus, Rob. Okay, this is the telling of a dark forest, with a path from which one shouldn’t stray. There is a dark figure in the road. Is she escaping? Or waiting for the viewer? It’s oils, pen, stencils, and watercolor.

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