Winston and Julia

It’s probably best to view this on something other than a small screen, it looks fine in my PC but not on my phone. Drawn from a re-reading of 1984 by Orwell. This represents a sort of sage-burning of my mind after exposure to it. Winston Smith and Julia (Dixon) are the characters whose tragic coupling leads to irrevocable consequences. In the book, the Ministry of love is a place where it’s always light, but they are really in the dark if one interprets it into Newspeak. They were separated in the book during their time being tortured… err, re-educated, err, destroyed, but I put them together in a fit of artistic license. The blinds style lighting represents the barcoded nature of the IngSoc society in which they live and die, a sort of Schrödinger’s cat nod to their current predicament (being sent to Room 101). Plus, it appears a barcode unless one looks deeper. Julia cracked early in the book, Winston took a bit longer, so I have him more emaciated of the two.

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