Your Brioche

This is a tongue in cheek doodle stemming from a post I made on a too big for its britches social media site. I was mildly annoyed that a picture of my takeout was getting more interaction than the Art I had poured myself into earlier that day. The post continues to generate all sorts of interesting comments, and so, I was reminded of Queen Marie Antoinette who, in 1789, NEVER said “Qu’ils mangent de la brioche” or “Let them eat cake.” (It was fake news floating around since 1660 and first probably, but still probably not true, attributed to the Spanish Princess Marie-Thérèse… Peasants!). Anyway, unlike Marie Antoinette, I’m making that statement, albeit joking (while crying inside). So here’s what you want, artwork focusing on food, with a pseudo-Royal figure in the background. Note, it’s very hard to capture the rolling of eyes of a figure in a single frame 🙂

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