A Lifetime

I wanted to name this digital art “Boy” after the Book of Love song I was listening to on repeat while creating it, but that would be falling into a familiar rut. What’s it about? Three generations of women? Nope, it’s the same woman over a lifetime. From the brilliant light of youth on the left, to the darkness that clouds the end of life on the right, she’s the same being. I threw in an hourglass in case the viewer didn’t catch the eyes. The blur on the ends is a meta-whatever for how the future and past are sketchy and the present should be focused on. Maybe it’s trite, whatevs. Like it? You’re in an exclusive club of 4. Drinks all around. P.s. does anyone else hate the artsy “well the artists use of fuchsia means this and that”? I really just want to say nothing and let the Art speak for itself.

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