The Gilded Cage

So what’s it about. It’s kind of all contained in the title. Sometimes one can be surrounded by the trappings of wealth and power but still be utterly shattered. It’s not a defense of the rich, because (censored) them, its more about how one can be in a situation where, to an outsider, they should be totally happy, but are not. Maybe it’s also a commentary on depression, I don’t know, but that’s all I’ve got. P.s. There is artistic nudity, but all the proper bits are covered, which is more than the Egyptians would have given you IRL. Yes, rich women in the later dynasties mostly wore dresses that complimented puritan sensibilities, but in the early and mid dynasties, women pretty much dressed the same as men, except with more bling. But anyway, artistic nudity is the key for the censors out there.

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