Deep in the depths of the dark house a change it coming. She didn’t master it the first time, yet through practice she has gotten the conjugation of the elder god conjuration to work perfectly. Suddenly, a noise and she notices the viewer looking at her. I’m working through some disappointment today. I reloaded myContinue reading “Metamorphosis”

The Bubble

I wanted to see if I could create the feeling of being inside a space helmet, without creating an actual helmet. I think it was a success. Also, if you wonder what it looks like in the creation process, here’s a screenshot. Basically, there’s a lot of illusion in the creation of art, especially digitalContinue reading “The Bubble”

Fantasy v. Reality

One of the types of art I’ve enjoyed creating is the juxtaposition of adrenaline charged high fantasy, with the cold mundane-ness of reality. I’ve done a few creations to this end. Let’s explore: The first is, “A Warrior Walks into a Bar.” I created this from multiple angles, because there is a lot more goingContinue reading “Fantasy v. Reality”