Death of Patreon with a Smile

Hello, dear reader. So the Patreon experiment was a failure. I had marked my art as 18+ because there is some artistic nudity therein, about as much as you would find in any art museum. Anyway, they wanted my ID to pay me, and would still have exempted me from search results. So, I took a stand against the invasion of privacy and refunded everyone who had backed me (eternally grateful). Long story short, I’m back here now. I’ll be posting my art from September until now over the next few days.

Digital Art Verses AI

Note, None of my art is generated by AI. There is a distinction between true Digital Art and AI generated content. The difference is this, AI is someone typing a few words into a box and the computer generates an image within a few seconds.

Digital art on the other hand, is created by a human who is manipulating backgrounds, objects, light and figures on a digital ‘set’. The camera, e.g. the view the viewer will see, will be moved about to capture perfect angles for the composition. It’s basically like creating the entire environment for taking a photo of the subject. It takes hours or days to finish one piece of artwork.

Please remember this when attending art shows. True artists bristle at their work being called AI. It’s somewhat like telling the creators of Toy Story that the movie they created was procedurally generated in a couple minutes, instead of the years it took to bring the film to the silver screen.

That Elfin Smile

That Elfin Smile

The idea for this revolves around a knight on a quest with a band of adventurers. After months of travelling, one day, you look over and that elf has a particularly beautiful smile, the light is just right to bring out her emerald eyes, and the straw color of her hair. Or she may have just finally cast ‘Charm Person’ on you. 

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