Lost Souls

Earlier, I was reading a book on Otto Dix and his experiences in the First World War.  I had a doodle I’d started yesterday with swirls of red. I looked at it after reading the book, and saw a man in desperate fear within the swirls.  I tried to turn what I saw into what you see.  I kept the eyes I’d seen in the red swirls and put them behind the mask of the man advancing in a cloud of poison gas.
Here’s a close-up

Although it’s what I call a filler piece, until I get my next big idea, I wanted to convey raw, unsettled emotion; fear, creepiness, the hopelessness of war, and so on.
I’d like to hear your opinion.

2 thoughts on “Lost Souls

  1. I think you did a great job portraying what you set out to today. I think it largely has to do with your color choice! I love the contrast of that green with the glowing reddish pinkish eyes on the mask surrounding by swirls of the grays and blues. Very unexpected but works so well.

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