When it rains…

Today I managed to give away two survival backpacks to the homeless.

Yesterday, I couldn’t find anyone; so I left that pack at work. Today, I ran into Kizzie, who is wheel-chair bound and hangs out under the 3rd Street bridge by the SBA building. I gave her money for lunch in addition to the pack. Maybe she can hang out in a warm restaurant.

Less than two minutes later, I ran into Stan, who hangs out by the NASA building. He’s been down on his luck, so I went back to the office to get the other survival pack, and also gave him something for lunch. Stan said he’s getting ready to get his life in order, so I wish him the best.

For those who don’t know. I’m using proceeds from current and future art sales to put together backpacks of survival items, blankets, ponchos, toiletries and so forth. I call this project ‘Art for the Homeless’. 

Why am I saying anything about it? Not out of self-promotion, I assure you. The public tends to only pay attention to what is immediately in their attention sphere, which ends up being Kim Kardashian and other non-critical stories. Raising awareness of the homeless is a worthy cause – a cause you can help too.

The image is not mine. I found it on the web.

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