Abandoned America

A digital painting for our times. The subject can be anyone in modern America, a veteran, someone with PTSD like a victim of sexual assault, someone financially ruined by medical bills or loss of a job, or a victim of mental health issues or addiction. Homelessness is not discriminatory, it can affect anyone with redContinue reading “Abandoned America”

Moving Part of the Site

In April my contract for the hosting of the e-commerce wing of my site is going away. I was looking for a replacement, since WordPress doesn’t do e-commerce and settled on reactivating my Etsy site.  Art of Rob Medley I’ve included the link above for the Etsy store. Doing the math, it made more senseContinue reading “Moving Part of the Site”

Art for the Homeless

I’ve been doing random acts of kindness for the homeless for a while now, 2-3 lunches instead of just mine, coffee for my man hanging in Starbucks to keep warm, a buck or two here and there…  I’m going to say this up front, I’m not tooting my own horn.  I firmly believe that inContinue reading “Art for the Homeless”