Smell the Roses

Today’s #digitaldrawing is inspired by the #ferrisbueller quote “#life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” which drifted into my thoughts while coming home from work, followed by “just beware of dragons.“ It’s not a mountain behind the #woman 🙂 Also, it later occurred to me that because it’s Social Media, some may accuse me of misogyny, in that I do a lot of art with the ladies in not the best situations. Realize that almost all scenes can be interchangeable with men, I just choose to focus on the female because I find women to be more fascinating #art subjects. Note that in almost all situations the ladies are not #damsels in distress, they are #warriors magic users, or have some other attributed #empowerment (here she has on #armor and hasn’t seen the #dragon – no #initiative yet). The focus in my work is usually an #Emotion in a point in time, because emotions make beautiful art. I just wanted to make it clear where I stand, because one must consider everything in an age where it’s no longer #artwork that provokes and offends, it’s everything.

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