Remember the Departed (Working Title)

new #digitalart – today I decided to get #creative again. This is titled… umm I forgot, I had a good one earlier as I was working on it. Should have written it down. The power, for what it’s worth, of the scene is drawn from #northern #rennaissance #art movement but also has roots in the present #coronavirus making the rounds and how it taps into that undercurrent of the era. Here, a woman holds the #skull of the departed, perhaps freshly returned from an ossuary. I made the skull smaller to suggest that of a child (though no one under 9 has perished from the current pestilence, thankfully). She is sad, lost in thought, in a darkened room. I used artsy metaphors, or not, let the pros debate that: the fruit to symbolize the lack of power ones status gives them when dealing with nature, the flowers are for the cycle of life, which continues in the face of adversity. The rolled letter, perhaps a forgotten condolence from a third-party. Etc, yada yada. In order to get the really good light, I had to remove a wall, the window wasn’t cutting it. As music in the creative process, I was listening to the Benedictine Monks of Santo Domingo de Silas because it was better than the tuneless humming of the Monks chant from Monty Python and the Holy Grail. #artoftheday #digitialpainting #artist

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