New Friends

Long before a certain cable-giant show dominated the #dragon scene, and eight years of our lives, the #trope of #wyrms and #women had been floating around the high #fantasy setting. This is a continuation of that trope. I don’t have the budget of the #hollywood big boys, so my dragon is a little more 1st generation – the polygons, materials, etc., need to be redone, blah, blah. It’s a money issue. I got around it by tightly focusing the camera on the #princess – Anywho, the point of the #artwork is to capture the moment when #fear (of a 40 ton #beast that just landed near oneself) turns to #wonder and #amazement – so i give you today’s #digital #doodle fresh from my 4 core, state of the #art rig (it blew other workstations away in 2014). #happy Saturday!

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