Attila’s End

In the early spring of 453 AD, Attila, ruler of the #Huns was celebrating his latest marriage to the #gothic princess #Ildiko when he had a nosebleed and choked to death on his own blood. He may have had an esophageal rupture, an aneurism, or a genetic condition where a blood vessel weakens over time and eventually ruptures (I learned that from watching Dr. G: Medical Examiner – thanks!). Dr. Garavaglia often says she sees preventable deaths in the morgue due to drinking, and this death happened while drinking.. ergo… Who knows, had he survived, Europe would look a lot different today. Anywho, it was an ignoble end for a man who nearly conquered Rome, but fitting in an ironic sense for someone who thrived on bloodshed. This #artwork shows the moment #Attila’s body bids him adieu and checks out of hotel Mortal Coil. I went for a pseudo-classic #digital #painting totally inspired by drawings of the deathbed scene found while googling him for something totally unrelated. I was intrigued and wanted to put it in a more photo-realistic context. #art #digitalartist #new #history is fun!

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