Inquisition Adjourned

I promise this is the last of the ‘based off stuff I’ve seen’ art – back to flowers and stuff this week in honor of spring. This was inspired by the movie “Coven of Sisters” (Netflix) wherein a band of women pull back power from a corrupt and unjust system. I won’t spoil it. ThisContinue reading “Inquisition Adjourned”

Modern Magicfare

It’s the Vietnam War, but with magic! As someone who has studied Vietnamese (Hanoi dialect), one of the cool cultural components that comes along with the language is that the Vietnamese believe in ghosts of ancestors wandering around in the jungle – and, if you extrapolate this to the rich Asian lexicon of mythology (Hint,Continue reading “Modern Magicfare”

One If By Land

This started as another #light study, because light is my favorite thing in #art – I added all the other stuff to make the composition less boring. Thematically, it’s an update of the whole #paulrevere ‘the Redcoats are coming’ schtick at the start of the #revolution and updated to reflect the #multicultural #equalityforall society we’veContinue reading “One If By Land”

The Martyrdom of Doña Liza

“It was the moment that sparked a turning point in the alternate history of Mexico, when Spanish troops executed the Doña Liza for tending to wounded Aztec rebels. The public outcry eventually led to the ouster of the Spaniards from native lands and the ascension of the United States of Aztlán.” – Tales From theContinue reading “The Martyrdom of Doña Liza”

Alix Takes a Lover

This has been in the works for a week or so, since I watched the show ‘The Last Czar.’ In the show and in #history rumors were rife that the #Empress #Alexandra had taken #Rasputin as a #lover. No one really knows if they were involved or just really really good friends. Certainly, they bothContinue reading “Alix Takes a Lover”

The Scream 1983

Today’s #doodle takes #edvardmunch ‘s The Scream and updates it to 1983. Why that year? It was the height of the Cold War and the closest the world came to #nuclear war with #Russia – but for the heroic actions of one man, Stanislav Petrov, who should be in everyone’s working memory. On 26 SeptemberContinue reading “The Scream 1983”

Attila’s End

In the early spring of 453 AD, Attila, ruler of the #Huns was celebrating his latest marriage to the #gothic princess #Ildiko when he had a nosebleed and choked to death on his own blood. He may have had an esophageal rupture, an aneurism, or a genetic condition where a blood vessel weakens over timeContinue reading “Attila’s End”

Mother of Civilization

Around 12,000 years ago, while the men were out hunting dwindling big game, a #woman noticed that seeds from wild gatherings dumped on a trash pile began to grow. She took these seeds, planted & tended them, and soon had enough food to more than meet the tribes needs. This pivotal moment for #mankind allowedContinue reading “Mother of Civilization”

Mary and the Last Sinner

I had an entire long post ready to go but thanks to an app crash, I’ll give you the highlights. I wasn’t going to share this painting. I didn’t think it worthy, but people started to like it, so, here we are. There’s two themes going on here. First, there’s a piece of Papayrus atContinue reading “Mary and the Last Sinner”