Operation Immortality

So I’m thinking of doing a Kickstarter for a coffee table book of my art – one year per book. 2020 has 131 digital paintings so far. Past years would follow.

2020 Art So Far

I’m thinking it would help me advance ‘Operation Immortality.’ What is Operation Immortality, you ask? Well, I’m not interested in making money off my artwork – I know, right? The ideas in this post are an oxymoron. Hear me out.

I want to be that guy who some future digital archeologist finds my work on the hard drive of a dead freighter orbiting Ceti Alpha V, and brings it back to high society on Europa; or is recovered in the buffer of a defunct satellite repeater drifting in interstellar space.

I want to be like Vermeer (my favorite – don’t tell Caspar-Friedrich); not his skill, he’s got me in spades, rather, his path to immortality. A recap: Vermeer dies in poverty, a sad panda, forgotten for hundreds of years. He is then discovered by an enterprising art dealer in the 1860’s, & now people actually remember that he existed.

That is the key of Operation Immortality, to not be one of the billions forgotten within a year or two after they die. This is one reason why I’m prolific, like a virus, germs all over the net. If my art is in the nooks and crannies, the dust bunnies of cyberspace, it’s all good!

Not to be morbid, it’s not a sad post, in the meantime I get to do something I love, and give it to the world for free (credit to use, I’d love a donation) – because really, this isn’t the type of art contemporary society would hang on a wall. Plus most contemporary artists sneer at digital work. Artist? C’mon you know… 😉

Back to the Kickstarter, so the book would serve a dual purpose, to be an analog record of my work, maybe dug up in a future landfill (those will be fun for archeology), and to upgrade my computer to something that can really handle the creation process. It would be nice to have more than 2 cores (24/32 would be a dream, 12 would be average for 2020) of processing power.

Anywho, thoughts on this? Interest in the project? Tiers would be a donation to the cause, an e-book, a hard copy, or something like a signed book.

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