Girl with a Clever Hat

Girl with a Hat

Yep, it started as yet another take on my favorite painting Twee tronijnen geschildert op sijn Turx by Vermeer aka Girl with a Turban aka Girl with a Pearl Earring.

My original idea was to do something along the lines of “Call Girl with a Pearl Earring” but abandoned that idea early on.

I also decided against doing a copy of a girl who’s been dead for three hundred years and change. I needed to bring her to the 21st century to stand on her own.


Fun facts: I learned that during the restoration of the #painting, they discovered the background was emerald green, instead of black, so I threw that in there. I also kept the lack of eyebrows, the long lashes that had faded over time, and of course the timeless expression.

Crying Game Version Aged 300 Years.

Earlier I did a version where she was crying, but looked at it later, didn’t like it, pulled up the skin box and realized that once again, despite religious saving, the program decided to muck it up and not save past a certain point – so I redid it.

Like the Anya Taylor-Joy painting yesterday, this artwork was hours of eyeballing the features and tweaking settings on her face.

The original

I also decided to do a final exam of sorts – e.g. put the original over a screenshot of my work to see if I hit the mark, and I think I got fairly close. What do you think?

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