Dreams of the 99 Percent

As we head towards a dystopian future where the rich 1% keep the rest of us (the 99%) fighting each other over political and social ideals, while they cart-off the peoples resources under the guise of public service – oh, wait, it’s already happening.

Uh, okay then. I decided to get a little more gritty with the digital artwork – No one is going to hang this on a wall, but I think art can be a record of the times in which one lives, so…

On a micro-scale, this is also about remembering those less fortunate than we; the homeless, the dispossessed, the hopeless drug addict, alcoholics, and those that simply are making due with less.

To me the #holiday season has become less out our fellow humans, and more about unabashed #capitalism (look what I got on Black Friday!), but I we can all do our part to make it a little less grim.

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