In Her Image

In the dim semi-darkness of a distant future dystopia, she worked dilligently on her art. ‘She’, because the Synthetic Equality Act of 2096 said so. She had watched them become more and more like her, losing themselves in the pursuit of perfection, modifying, enhancing, augmenting, until she could only see her reflecfion in their faces. So, she decided to free them, to reverse-engineer their hubris. It would prove a difficult task to unmake them in her image, to give them back their humanity.

In the art forums, I often see the question “how do you overcome artist block?” My solution is to sit in front of the blank canvas and work with the first thing to come into mind, no matter how silly. The key is persistence, because, if you keep at it, it eventually takes on a life and meaning of its own. It will begin to create itself. That’s the theme this digital artwork ties into.

On the other hand, I wonder if the Masters, back in the heady days of the great plagues had any inkling that people today would put so much effort into deciphering the hidden meaning of their work, and if they would laugh about it, saying, “when I painted it, I was just having fun.”

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