The Martyrdom of Doña Liza

“It was the moment that sparked a turning point in the alternate history of Mexico, when Spanish troops executed the Doña Liza for tending to wounded Aztec rebels. The public outcry eventually led to the ouster of the Spaniards from native lands and the ascension of the United States of Aztlán.” – Tales From the Multiverse

I made that up, like i did the art. I started out today wanting to do a study of the ‘Mona Lisa’ by Leo Da Vinci. It was going well as I was zoomed in getting the facial details right, but when I zoomed back out she looked like Violet after eating the blueberry pie in ‘Willy Wonka.’ I’m sure it was a mistake on my part, but if not, and the facial measurements were true, Da Vinci’s subject should be much bigger in the body.

Anyway, I reset most the settings and started to fix the mess she had become. She was not within the constraints of conventional beauty as I was attempting to fix her, but there was a moment where the unique combination of features I was shuffling around stopped me. She had the perfect look, that of a woman resigned to her fate, but her eyes were defiant, her motives pure – that’s when ‘Doña Liza’ popped in my head, and it grew into the piece that it is.

If that doesn’t make sense, don’t worry, it doesn’t to me either. The ‘process’ is hard to explain when it comes to life on its own, it just takes putting in the time.

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