Deep in the depths of the dark house a change it coming. She didn’t master it the first time, yet through practice she has gotten the conjugation of the elder god conjuration to work perfectly. Suddenly, a noise and she notices the viewer looking at her.

I’m working through some disappointment today. I reloaded my operation system recently and thought I had saved everything. To my horror, I realized, the location where the years of digital art creation files have been saved, was not offloaded (it was buried deep in the program structure), and so everything I’ve created, all these worlds are no longer living, no longer able to be viewed and modified. In effect, they have become memories, like photos, frozen in time.

But on a positive note, I’m really getting into Space music, like ambient soundscapes, Lauge, Stellardrone, Applefish, et al. It kind of helps with the creation process.

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