No doubt this may be labeled NSFW, until I tell the censors that it’s art. This is about #depression – that black hound which haunts so many, including myself, and the tools one uses to breathe. It’s a self portrait, really, in all of its ingloriousness & probably an attempt to disavow any notions that anyone may have about my physical nature. The toll of half-a-Century on this mortal coil expressed in its full regalia, consumed by poor decisions, imperfections magnified by the waters of the disease, and the reaching for a cure that will never come. There’s more, but why be wordy?

Challenges were many in the creation of this artwork. Underwater is one of the hardest things to replicate in the constraints of my current software. So the ice is reskinned rocks, the bubbles are reskinned and modified confetti, and the splash is a raindrop, magnified 500 times, modded and reskinned in glass settings.

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