Back to the Beginning

I started doing art some 7 years ago after being inspired by clouds and birds on the way home from work. I know, I should have kept my eyes on the road, but, err, there were so many awesome vistas in the sky.

Today I hooked up a Wacom knock-off I bought 4 years ago, just to see if it still works. It does, so I whipped up this to see if I still have the acrylic skills I had built up, along with a closet full of canvases. I had stopped a couple of years back and got into digital art really for storage reasons. Plus, people liked the art but it wasn’t selling, so I solved that space problem.

Anyway, be gentle. This I pretty much my first totally from scratch art (non-3D) in a long time. It’s going to take time to get back to where I was.

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