Love’s Awakening

Lust is a mortal sin, I was told, as a lapsed Catholic in childhood. Indeed, the historical record is full of catastrophes resulting from the pursuit of the physical. But Love, L’amour, Liebe…. ah, now THAT has nothing to do with the physical at all. For it is the pursuit of ones spirit, or soul, that thing that makes one perfectly imperfect, wherever it may reside. It’s free of all mortal boundaries and is… purely beautiful.


I didn’t think attention would be drawn away from the meaning behind the art and towards the breasts. Never underestimate humanity. The reason why they were big in the first round was because there was a disconnect in how the shirt followed the body (auto follow vs redirect transforms) that couldn’t be fixed. It left sort of an invisible flattening across the chest if I went smaller. You can see a little bit of it in the girl on the left if you’re still not focused on the hands. I solved it all by changing outfits. Take your pick of which one you like better.

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