Dawn’s Relief

Pseudo- fan art for you this morning. This was based on the character Christine, played by Margaret Clunie in the campy period (think 1940’s noir style) Horror movie “Here Comes Hell.” She and her friends hold a seance and unwittingly unlock a gateway to hell. No spoilers except she’s looking for an impromptu weapon in the fireplace, weighs the poker for the coming combat, but then see’s Excalibur hidden in the flue. EXCALIBUR! Anyway, about the digital painting. It’s set up as a typical portrait of the 1940’s with starlet holding a cigarette in one of those thingy’s. She’s looking at the rising sun after spending all night combatting evil. Again, no spoilers – I didn’t want to base it fully on the movie, because it’s always the inginue that is the focus of the film – she plays the jaded, jealous sister. So, surviving a night of horror, with some artistic license in dress, hair, sword, room, basically everything but the idea of a 1940’s debutante leaning on a sword. Flowers tomorrow! … or the next time I do art 🙂

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