After the Rain

I did promise flowers would be my next one, and dandelions used to be a valuable one. It’s edible and herbal properties well known among natural healers. Now it’s a money maker for Glyphospate in order to spread invasive species of grass – but I digress. The doodle I present you is not about the one chance we get at love in this life. It’s a PSA for the consequences of choosing the wrong person and how the consequences reverberate throughout ones psyche and can be like an anchor chain pulling one into the deep. So, choose wisely kiddies. BUT, not being a negative Nelly, after every storm, after every calamity or disaster, people heal, things grow. It’s the cycle of things. Once again, this isn’t about my marriage, I chose poorly, my bad – it’s more about the after-math of life-changing situations – that there is life after, maybe not for that one true love – but for the joy of waking up each morning. also, I love how shadows interact with their surroundings, and particularly with junk. I chose to go with a close-in on the F-stop, but believe me, the scene in the blur is awesome. Fun fact, I did use my wedding photo in this, but it was more relevant than searching the Internet for one. Okay, Nuff said.

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