The Tiger of Xanadu

So Coleridge’s poem Kubla Khan (1797) envisioned a pleasure palace with dark undertones. The work was totally influenced by an Opium high. Opium, the Black Tiger, was heavily traded in China, the Tiger of the East. But enough history and Literature – this digital artwork is also heavily influenced by the 1980 movie Xanadu, with Olivia Newton John. “Who,” the younger ones ask? “Get off my lawn!” This movie was iconic in that it introduced me to the Greek Muses. Although they never physically popped out of murals to guide me, stupid childhood dreams, I do reference them occasionally in my work. Now, the artwork didn’t start off as art imitating performing arts, imitating poetry, imitating life – it just kinda developed after the song Xanadu popped up in my disco playlist (I listen to everything). The original concept was to see if I could build a tigers face from performing artists – stupid, I know – boredom does that. I’ll let you tell me if that worked. Anywho, creating this killed a few hours of my life, much like Coleridge and his opium addiction. Hope you enjoy!

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